I sincerely invite you to participate in the next course of Madeleine! I followed the 5-morning internship from 27/02 to 03/03/2017 in a space conducive to practice, facing nature in Boitsfort. This must be my 4th or 5th internship! They are an exceptional experience to live. It is through the rigorous method of Ashtanga Yoga that Madeleine leads us to a practice that is more and more subtle and more personal to make it what looks like us, a meeting between oneself and every yoga posture that is seen as an inner journey. One feels the presence of energy circulating harmoniously in the body, similarly and at each stage, the energy of the group is beautiful, harmonious and balanced. I already book the next internship.
Thank you Madeleine !

Move … without charging your body!

Techniques (PBT)

Classes in small groups, at 1150 Stockel
  • Thursday evenings from 8pm to 9:30pm
  • Discovery class on September 22 & 29
  • Registration mandatory