Health Prevention / bellicon

Preventive Health Consultations (PHC)

Individual or 2p. classes :
Preventive Health Consultations aim to target and implement preventive methods which help a person regain, maintain or improve his or her physical fitness, whether at the back, spine, joints, muscles, blood and lymphatic circulation, breathing, fatigue, burn out and stress as well as management levels, and their consequences.

These preventive methods are derived from accessible and effective body techniques, and will be adapted according to the complexity and evolution of the situation.

It’s possible to combine preventive exercises and massage in the same session. For more information on massages, have a look on the MASSAGE page.


Isolated sessions:
Prevention or bellicon: 55 €/h (half hour : 35€)
Prevention or bellicon 30′ + massage 30′: 65€/1h.

Card of 5 sessions of an hour:
Prevention or bellicon: 250€ (50€/h) 
Prevention or bellicon 30′ + massage 30′: 300€ (60€/h).

Each session includes an additional 10 to 15 minutes to prepare yourself.


Preferably on the bank account of Madeleine Rommel : IBAN BE19 0630 2845 7512
Communication: name + date + PHC (or bellicon)

Consultations en Prévention-Santé (CPS) avec Madeleine Rommel

The bellicon mini-trampoline

Health Prevention/belliconⓇ Prévention Yoga Massage

The practice of this mini-trampoline with flexible canvas is considered here from an essentially preventive approach : promoting a process of regeneration of body structures, from a few minutes  per day.

A specific work tool ...

The bellicon is both accessible (for young and elderly), effective (positive results after 2 min/day) and playful (awakens the joy of living and the pleasure of moving).

Silent, extremely fluid elastic rings – which can extend up to 180% of their original length – to sink much deeper into the mat,
– which lengthens the “deceleration” phase, where physical work is done,
– which avoids being stopped abruptly.

The elastic tension exists in 5 levels allowing to adapt the trampoline to the user, according to his weight, his size and the use which he wishes to make of it.

The more the elastic tension is strong, the easier will be the movements because the body will work less.

The softer the elastic tension is, the more difficult the movements will be, because the body will have to continuously re-stabilize itself, which will involve more work and coordination and therefore more prevention-health benefits.

In the bounce on soft mat, the body does not suffer the disadvantages of movements on hard ground – such as wear of cartilage, compressions & vertebral compressions, muscle stiffness / retractions… : the bellicon is therefore softer and more intense than jogging and walking because it amplifies their advantages, without having their disadvantages.

The relative flexibility of the mat, depending on the tension of the elastics, produces an accordion bounce with a decoaptant effect, giving space to the joints, elasticity to the tendons, ligaments and muscles, reducing the spine & promoting expansion disc, permanently stimulating the cells of the body —> promoting the density of bones and cartilages by gentle stimulation – blood and lymphatic circulation by muscle contractions & stretching – which also promote flexibility, respiration and tissue oxygenation – endurance and the cardiovascular system, body awareness and alignment, coordination of movements, sense of rhythm, breathing…

The instability resulting from the flexibility of the mat, in which we sink more than bouncing, strengthens and softens the stabilizing muscles and the deep internal muscles including the pelvic floor, which improve their function and promote balance capacities. Thus, a sprained ankle, laxity of the knee, sagging of the arch of the foot, weakness of the pelvic floor, can gradually regain a more balanced tone.

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Health Prevention/belliconⓇ Prévention Yoga Massage
  • to get the bellicon® model that suits you perfectly… at the lowest price of the year,


  • to introduce you to a preventive practice of bellicon® with a certified coach, physiotherapist specialised in Health-Prevention,


  • to decide to keep in shape all year round, in a fun and pleasant way, effective from 5 to 10 minutes a day, staying at home, even if you have a health problem

Buying a bellicon® cannot be improvised:

Dozens and dozens of possibilities allow you to customize it so that it corresponds 100% to your objectives, your environment and your taste.


Contact us now, without any obligation, to test the different  models and variants and explore the basics of an optimal practice for the body and the mind.

... for a healthy life style :

  • the external muscles (responsible for movements and actions) are strengthened and relaxed,
  • deep internal muscles (responsible for maintaining and balancing), including the pelvic floor, strengthen, gain elasticity and improve their function,
  • in the rebound, the gravity effect constantly stimulates each cell of the body,
  • cartilage and bone density, as well as disc expansion, are also favored by a light bouncing,
  • the bellicon is both softer and more intense than jogging and walking, because it provides their advantages without their disadvantages,
  • blood and lymphatic system are stimulated, as well as the digestive system,
  • breathing, oxygenation of tissues, endurance and cardiovascular system, body awareness and alignment, as well as coordination of movements, improve naturally,
  • the practice of bellicon frees the mind and promotes reconnection with the body. Because of this, it is an effective method to prevent physical problems and burn-out.
The practice & training on bellicon includes a variety of movements which, to remain accessible, depend on individual factors.
Health Prevention/belliconⓇ Prévention Yoga Massage

Get started in practice

Material & size of the frame, tension of the elastics, screwable / foldable legs, colors, delivery in kit or already assembled … It’s up to you to make an informed choice.

During your 30 min free initiation, discover all that the mini trampoline belliconⓇ can bring to you on the physical, psychic and mental level.
To make sure that your mini trampoline meets your wishes as well as your needs, ask us for advice by explaining your situation: there are more than 400,000 possible combinations, just one of which is perfect for you!

Joy, well-being and health will be the order of the day!

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