Consultations en Prévention-Santé (CPS) avec Madeleine Rommel

What is Preventive Yoga ?

A Yoga practice born from the desire to heal oneself  by turning awareness inward, to listen to Body Wisdom, innate in each of us … even if not recognized.
Applying Preventive Parameters, in our daily life as well as on the mat, gives the brain a fantastic opportunity to synergize the 637 muscles of our muscular system !
The result is a complete and 100 % beneficial “COST-FREE MOVEMENT” which, however intense, needs little willpower.

Welcome to Prevention Yoga Massage 🙂



Indoors group classes – Sunny Retreats
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Individual sessions : indoors and online

Preventive Body Techniques : indoors group course
Preventive Health Consultations : indoors & online individual sessions
Massage sessions and massage trainings

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Home Prévention Yoga Massage

In a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere, enjoy a moment to replenish yourself & feel the energy that fuels the body!

Each session is an opportunity :
– to restore your health and lift your spirit,
– to move and breathe in a natural efficient way 
– to regain a healthy lifestyle 😉
If you haven’t tried the bellicon soft trampoline, book now your free initiation session !

Allow space in your body spirit time life

Chôgyam Trungpa

What if the celebration started today by cherishing ourselves and those we love?

  • Exclusive offer:
    58 € only for 1h massage, lymphatic drainage or/and BGM reflexology.


  • By Madeleine Rommel – by appointment – at Prevention Yoga Massage, Stockel.


  • Limited number of cards: don’t delay to book.