Preventive Ashtanga Yoga

The intense, fluid and dynamic practice of Ashtanga Yoga can suit everyone’s needs through a conscious approach based on physiological parameters, including:

  • structured postural work through wich you will be guided to find and feel exactly what your body needs,
  • linking movements between postures, synchronized with breathing (vinyasa),
  • maintenance of pelvic floor (mula bandha) and transverse abdominal (uddiyana),
  • a calibrated, both powerful and gentle breathing (ujjayi),
  • focused gaze (drishti),
  • preventive tips removing bodily costs and making your practice super efficient: an amazing feeling!

Preventive Yoga parameters… 
can be applied to any Yoga method : they just add therapeutic effects and offer a multiple approach to postures and movements, in a progressive flow that promotes rehabilitation.

…  give a new opportunity to connect with the Inner Wisdom which spontaneously generates natural & physiological movements.

connect to the entire muscular system, and therefore bring a sense of wholeness,

are natural because they involve an attitude of letting go instead of a willful attitude,

are optimal because they require the minimal effort.

… are not to be memorised but experienced : don’t believe it, come and explore it !

Registration for an indivdual course, a group course, an internship, a retreat or a training

What if the celebration started today by cherishing ourselves and those we love?

  • Exclusive offer:
    58 € only for 1h massage, lymphatic drainage or/and BGM reflexology.


  • By Madeleine Rommel – by appointment – at Prevention Yoga Massage, Stockel.


  • Limited number of cards: don’t delay to book.